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MyYearbookBuilder.com is an online, electronic publishing system that integrates all facets of the student yearbook creative development and production process. Itís a powerful production tool that provides a centralized point of entry for student yearbook content collection, organization and management, which includes digital photographs, digital audio, digital video and type-written text. The end result is a unique electronic yearbook delivered to end-users on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, which contains self-expression, artistic design, sophisticated technology and rich, interactive experiences.

All parts of the traditional yearbook have been preserved in the MyYearbookBuilder publishing system including the ability to sign via eSignatures, and students can also sell advertisements in the form of eYearbook banner ads. So, the difference is simple Ė MyYearbookBuilder provides more yearbook for less price. The MyYearbookBuilder solution incorporates more color, more pictures, more personalization, and more self-expression, more profit for fundraising and allows more days for collecting yearbook content, which are all limitations of the traditional paper yearbook.

MyYearbookBuilder offers an administrator-driven solution and also a student-driven solution to satisfy all of our customerís needs and production requirements. For additional information regarding specific production environments, please select Administrator-driven Solution or Student-driven Solution.

Final yearbooks are available for distribution to students in two exciting formats including Interactive Window or Virtual Book. At the beginning of the year, all schools have the option of choosing the format one format they desire, either Interactive Window or Virtual Book, and then specify any customizations beyond the standard layout and design available in that format.

For additional information, please select College Yearbooks, High School Yearbooks or Middle School Yearbooks.