High School Digital Yearbook Publisher | Odyssey Interactive
In contrast to the more open nature of our Student-driven Solution, the Administrator-driven Solution is much more restricted with content submission and overall yearbook production being limited to the administrator only, or potentially a small, select group of authorized students under administrator supervision.

With the administrator-driven solution, the yearbook administrator or faculty advisor is in complete control of the production environment and the final output; he or she is solely responsible for all creative development and content production.

One administrator account (Admin) is required, per school, to incorporate all individual student and community-related material like sports teams, clubs or special events. Additionally, the Admin can create editor accounts (Editors) for select students to aid in the creative development and production process. However, all material created and submitted by Editors must be reviewed and authorized by the Admin before posting to the public yearbook.

While students manage a sophisticated portrait in the student-driven solution, the student portrait available in the administrator-driven solution is more limited and only includes the studentís name, grade level and one primary picture.

The safety and security of users are our top priority. To this end, we take appropriate physical, electronic and procedural security measures to protect users and also personal information from unauthorized access and/or disclosure.