High School Digital Yearbook Publisher | Odyssey Interactive
Yearbooks come to life as the entire school becomes actively involved in the production process, contributing memories, emotion and personality in the Student-driven Solution.

Students manage a personal portrait that can hold up to 24 of their favorite photographs, videos and audio. In a safe, controlled and monitored production environment, students can write about themselves, their interests and their school year, while being able to sign a friend’s yearbook or create friendship networks. With student accounts enabled, students can also search the yearbook and preview its content and construction in real-time.

An administrator account (Admin) is also available to manage and maintain community-based content including, but not limited to, clubs, athletics, events, memorials and dedications. In addition, the administrator can designate specific students as “Editors” and assign tasks to those students for the creation of community-based content.

MyYearbookBuilder offers an administrator-driven solution and also a student-driven solution to satisfy all customer needs and production requirements. For information regarding specific production environments, please select Administrator-driven Solution or Student-driven Solution.

MyYearbookBuilder is available for College Yearbooks, High School Yearbooks and Middle School Yearbooks.

The safety and security of users are our top priority. To this end, we take appropriate physical, electronic and procedural security measures to protect users and also personal information from unauthorized access and/or disclosure.