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Are you having a tough time getting attention or the respect you deserve from a paper publisher because of your middle school’s order volume or price sensitivity? Do you still want an affordable, state-of-the-art yearbook without the hassle of contracts or commitments? Odyssey Interactive has the solution for you!

At Odyssey Interactive, we believe all memories are equally important, and only together do they tell the whole story. That’s why we expanded the production capabilities of the MyYearbookBuilder system to include publishing digital yearbooks for middle schools.

Mirroring the capabilities of our flagship MyYearbookBuilder product for high schools, the middle school platform offers all of the same features, benefits and capabilities without the need for programming knowledge or experience.

With MyYearbookBuilder, middle schools can offer signatures and student awards, create clubs, athletics and other groups, highlight specific events, create memorials or dedications , sell banner advertisements and also allow students the chance to manage their own portrait containing photos and limited self expression.

You’re business and complete satisfaction is of greatest importance to Odyssey Interactive and we’re committed to making your experinece with us

The MyYearbookBuilder middle school publishing system is able to accommodate yearbook programs with a grade 5, 6, 7 and 8 organization structure.

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