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Over the last decade, the college yearbook market has been in steady decline due to escalating publishing costs and documented evidence showing that paper yearbooks fight to stay relevant in the Facebook era. Yet, overall interest in yearbooks and preserving memories remains as important today as it was 50 years ago; the problems facing yearbooks are economics and the inevitable transition to digital technology. Kids grow up keeping in touch online, posting photos and messages on Facebook or MySpace pages, and students identify more with their own “community” of friends rather than the entire school. However, these popular social-networking sites lack the organization and structure of the traditional yearbook and remain an inadequate substitute at the end of the school year.

With MyYearbookBuilder college yearbooks, all sections of the traditional paper yearbook including signatures and senior superlatives have been preserved , and students can even sell advertisements in the form of eYearbook banner ads.

Individually, students manage a yearbook portrait that can hold up to 24 of their favorite photographs, plus video files and audio clips. In a safe, controlled and monitored environment, students can also write about themselves, their interests and their school year, or even sign a friend’s eYearbook page and create friendship networks.

Similar functionality is also available for clubs, athletics, events, memorials and dedications, but in no case is any advanced material required.

College production and publishing is a two stage process, which is completely customized to the needs and desires of each individual school.

The MyYearbookBuilder college system is able to accommodate yearbook programs with a grade Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and Senior organization structure.

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