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At Odyssey Interactive, we’re inspired by one goal: protecting your memories. That’s why we’re dedicated to developing web-based solutions for creating customized electronic yearbooks, which offer all of the features of the paper yearbook with all of the advantages of digital technology.

Flexibility and control from start to finish

MyYearbookBuilder offers the choice between an administrator-driven yearbook project and a student-driven yearbook project, depending on your desired level of student participation, administrative control and production management.

Digital Yearbook: Innovation in preserving your memories

Can you imagine a yearbook that allows students to personalize their own page and also includes yearend events like prom and graduation? lets your imagination become reality.

Traditional capabilities with a twist

Sign your friend’s yearbook, sell advertisements and proud parents of graduating seniors can still dedicate a page to their child’s journey - all aspects of the traditional paper yearbook have been retained in our system. However, with MyYearbookBuilder, you can also add audio and video, build intra-yearbook networks and express your own individuality.

More is better

Compared to paper yearbooks, our electronic yearbooks include more pages, more color photographs and more self-expression and personalization. We also allow more time for you to sell advertisements, more time for you to collecting content, so that more of the school year is captured, and yield more profit for fundraisers.