High School Digital Yearbook Publisher | Odyssey Interactive

Take control from the beginning…

Powerful admin tools including an intra-yearbook communicator, an import wizard, student content screeners, audit/activity logs and other reporting instruments are available, which ensure a safe, tightly controlled and problem-free production environment.

Admin Dashboard

The MyYearbookBuilder admin Dashboard provides a single location for instantly accessing production information critical to the end-user’s success, such as schedules, statistics, transactions and other key production elements.

The Dashboard and its reporting capabilities deliver real-time access to yearbook components and key performance indicators, including financial reporting, time management, order reconciliation and payment processing. Through the new MyYearbookBuilder admin Dashboard, yearbook advisers can monitor their overall production progress, student and teacher/staff portraits, schedules and timelines, view agreements and other documentation, yearbook configuration details, orders and individual payments, expenses and also view other production-related elements. In addition, built-in filters and static reports enable our yearbook advisers to search for, organize and report on revenues, expenses and other financial transactions.

MYB Analytics

MYB Analytics is built on an easy to use reporting platform that offers a real-time summary of the entire production environment. Administrators can closely monitor audit logs, gain insight into how visitors use the yearbook and continuously screen daily student activity.


MyYearbookBuilder supports importing account details to more quickly and easily open student, faculty and staff accounts using comma-separated value (CSV) file format. Alternatively, administrators can still allow any student to open his or her own account manually, if preferred.


MYB Communicator allows administrators to send messages to and receive messages from their students; however, communication between students is not available. Yearbook administrators can send out individual messages or mass communications to parts of or the entire student body.

Dictionary Scanner

Dictionary scanner is a unique system feature that monitors in real-time all text boxes in the admin and student accounts.

Global Overwrite

The administrator has unrestricted access to all student accounts and may edit and/or delete content as necessary and/or appropriate, even after student portraits have been closed for editing.

Multimedia Screeners

Before an audio file, video file, photograph or type written text can be posted to the public yearbook it must be approved (or removed) by the administrator in the applicable multimedia screener.

Report A Concern

“Report A Concern” is a vehicle for students to confidentially report posted material that is inappropriate, offensive or harassing in nature. Through “Report A Concern”, any student can send notification to the administrator and identify an individual that is posting inappropriate, offensive or harassing material.