John McClane
Director of Communications

Odyssey Interactive is Proud to Announce the Delivery of its Digital Yearbooks on EcoDisc by Duplium

New Milford, Connecticut (September 1, 2011) – Odyssey Interactive, the nation’s leading producer of digital yearbooks for high school and other institutions, is proud to announce the delivery of its digital yearbooks on Duplium’s revolutionary EcoDisc.

Duplium’s EcoDisc is a “greener” alternative to the traditional digital video disc (DVD) with equal function and compatibility; it functions exactly like a conventional DVD. The EcoDisc follows the same specifications for printing and labeling and has also been tested and certified by the Professional Multimedia Test Centre and tested by Testronic labs.

The EcoDisc offers all the performance and capabilities of the traditional DVD, but now with a smaller carbon footprint and minimal environmental impact. In manufacturing terms, the EcoDisc produces 52% less carbon dioxide emissions, incorporates 50% less polycarbonate and consumes 50% less energy, along with not requiring a toxic bonder.

“Protecting the environment is not only a moral imperative, but also our corporate responsibility,” said Joseph Durdock, Founder and Chief Executive at Odyssey Interactive. “We’re excited to be able to deliver our digital yearbooks on EcoDisc.”

There are no disadvantages to using Duplium’s revolutionary EcoDisc, only benefits. Deliver your next yearbook on EcoDisc and you can proudly demonstrate your school’s commitment to the environment.

“Our transition to EcoDisc reflects Odyssey Interactive’s ongoing commitment to the environment,” said Andrew Edwards, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. “However, besides the environmental advantages, we’re benefiting from a new medium that is thinner, lighter, more flexible and significantly more durable. This is a great product!”

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About Odyssey Interactive

Odyssey Interactive, L.L.C. is a frontier, multimedia publishing company specializing in the development of custom digital solutions for archiving high school audio, video and photographs into interactive electronic yearbooks.

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